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Enterprise SEO For Accelerated Lead and Traffic

We have our finger on your audience’s pulse. We know what they’re searching for. And our SEO strategies help you dominate search results. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a large directory site, our experts will make sure your website ranks at the very top and the leads come in.

Through our enterprise SEO services, we at Techmagnate focus on building a comprehensive SEO strategy for your enterprise-level website. No matter whether you’re a multinational ecommerce website with thousands of products, a web hub for hundreds of corporate services, or a blog network looking to grow and expand into the global market, we know that even large businesses can be hard to find.

We change that: through thorough analysis, complete website audits, keyword research and selection, and a focus on a specialized content-based enterprise search engine optimization campaign.

Why should you Upgrade to Enterprise SEO Services?

Enterprise SEO packages are special for a rather simple reason: an enterprise-level website comes with thousands of pages, and a lot of questions. Running a job like that through an insignificant, low-quality enterprise SEO agency will give you more headaches than relief – even on an enterprise level, quality matters over quantity.

We tackle complexity, scale, and volume to give you the results you need.

With our content-based, metrics-focused approach, we get into the minds and hearts of your demographic audience, analyze your competition, and create content with a keyword-targeted approach. We have a highly-skilled research team that focuses on building keyword strategy that retains existing customers and attracts potential ones. We work with you to optimise your existing pages and create new content, helping you stay ahead of the competition. We pride ourselves in quality, relevance, and in our stellar reputation as enterprise SEO providers.

We’re partners, first. We work with you to create high-quality, crawlable content that will invite traffic and attract conversion. A technically-strong website will help you stay on search engines’ radars. We’re always in-the-know – we’re constantly updated about changes to optimisation, what works and what doesn’t, and we’re flexible. In this day and age, being agile is the only thing that ensures you stay ahead. We help you stay on top – we experiment, revise, learn, and redo – we do what it takes to counter complexity. SEO is both an art and a science – we help you deal with uncertainty and evolution. Enterprise SEO needs a solid, high-performing website with content that ranks ahead of its competitors.

Another challenge that comes in with the size of an enterprise, is organisational structure and conflicting goals and priorities between divisions. We work hard to support your internal departments in minimising this friction, and bringing our outside expertise to the table. We use a data-driven approach to create a strategy that delivers results, and fits within the existing framework of organisational goals.

We drive organic, long-term results. Enterprise SEO is an investment with high ROI – it brings in targeted traffic, improves visibility, and attracts high-quality leads. We’re specialists at what we do and know the correct balance between SEO {organic} and PPC {paid}. We help create awareness, engagement, retention, and long-term success.

All we ask of you, is your trust. With us as your SEO partners, your website is in great hands.

What We Do

  • Audit Your Website

    Audit Your Website

    Our first step is to take your website apart and get up close and
    personal with every page and post. We identify your strengths, analyze
    your weaknesses, and make note of all possible improvements.

  • Peer Into the Competition

    Peer Into the Competition

    No SEO plan is complete without an accurate picture
    of what the competition has in-store. If you want to be the best, and
    rank better than anyone else in your area – or globally – then you’ve
    got to be better than your competition. We use our resources to find out
    what it’ll take to get you to the top.

  • Research Your Industry

    Research Your Industry

    When people look for services and products, they want experts. They
    want the best – they want the people who are the most passionate about
    their world, and know more than the next guy. At Techmagnate, as an
    experienced enterprise SEO company, we’ll develop an SEO strategy that
    builds you up to be that expert – the number one source of information –
    and we make sure your demographic knows it by performing thorough
    keyword and topic research.

  • Devise a Monthly Plan

    Devise a Monthly Plan

    Once we know where you stand, where the competition stands, and what
    the battlefield looks like, we build your strategy from the ground up,
    utilizing our experience and expertise to create a unique, customized
    enterprise SEO plan to take you from where you are, to the very top of
    the hill.

  • Create Content, Optimize Code, Supply Reports

    Create Content, Optimize Code, Supply Reports

    Knowing what to do is half the job – the rest is where we roll up our
    sleeves and get to work. With the necessary information and our
    experience and resources, we tackle any enterprise SEO job and promise quality results.
    We don’t just increase your PageRank and SERP – we turn your website
    into a hub for real quality and actionable information, the kind
    customers will truly enjoy, and come back for.

Enterprise SEO Metrics

  • Ecommerce


    E-commerce sites are web sites that have a point-of-sale online.
    Their online transactions clearly pinpoint how much they make online,
    and what their source of sale is. We can help you set up ecommerce
    tracking in Google Analytics. This tracking depicts conversion rate,
    number of transactions, number of visitors, time spent, average order
    value and total revenue. Importantly, this tracking also captures where
    this traffic comes from {paid, organic, search etc.} and the best
    channel we should be concentrating our energies on.

    Organisations can clearly see the impact of an SEO campaign and
    distinguish opportunities and gaps in scale and revenue. We can further
    bifurcate the origin of traffic and analyse and improve where needed.

  • Goal Tracking

    Goal Tracking

    Goal tracking could mean improved conversion rate, increased traffic
    or any other KPI that an organisation deems fit. An enterprise can have
    multiple goals as well – tracking the success of an SEO campaign will
    mean taking stock of traffic, leads and revenue and establishing the
    correlation between them. Inter-departmental goals can also be kept
    track of through goal tracking e.g., marketing’s objective might be
    awareness, while sales might be aiming at revenue.

  • Revenue


    Since revenue is our eventual goal, ROI is the best metric to
    determine if our SEO campaign was a success. An SEO campaign aims at
    improved rankings on search engines and increase in organic traffic. We
    can help you determine if this traffic is relevant. We analyse patterns
    and trends to determine the sources of this revenue and its
    optimisation. Is there any low-hanging fruit we are missing? Which
    channels are most active? What are our areas for improvement ? – these
    are some of the questions that our detailed metrics studies can help you

  • Call Tracking

    Call Tracking

    Another important mechanism to gain leads is through calls or
    enquiries. A function of these calls or inbound queries is customer
    service and experience, which can help us determine conversion. Not all
    organisations are e-commerce websites, but gain leads through their
    online presence such as restaurants, universities, and other service
    providers. Call tracking helps us determine the source of these queries –
    paid, organic, and even offline advertising. This helps us track spike
    in call volume, quality of queries, conversion rates, customer
    experience metrics and SEO ROI.

  • What is Enterprise SEO?

    Enterprise SEO is SEO for large and established enterprises with websites of 1000+ pages. It is a field that requires high level strategies and granular tactics to increase awareness, revenue and traffic. Enterprise SEO needs SEO strategies that can scale and a team that is highly focused. Given their size, even the most minimal increase in traffic can account for a significant number of new visitors.

  • What makes them different from other types of SEO?

    Typically, the needs of an enterprise are more robust than other smaller organisations. Their budgets may also be much bigger. Enterprise SEO is different from other types of SEO since it has to manage a number of objectives such as traffic, conversions, online reputation, discoverability etc. together. A good Enterprise SEO team will balance these different concerns, priorities them, and work on big-picture strategy as well as granular details. Enterprise SEO also needs a focused team which works on improving the performance of its own niche. The scale and complexity of enterprises affect SEO efforts and need a comprehensive strategy.

  • Why Marketers Need Enterprise SEO?

    Marketers need Enterprise SEO to deal with the complexities of large organisations and enterprises. SEO is a dynamic field and businesses that are agile will outperform their competition. Enterprise SEO looks at the big picture as well as the granular details. Marketers need a comprehensive plan since the different departments within the enterprise may have conflicting objectives. The volume of content required and the granularity of focus required for effective SEO is also immense – this is almost impossible to achieve without advanced data and analytics and a specialised team.

  • What can Enterprise SEO Agency do for my website?

    A quality enterprise SEO agency can offer unique benefits to your enterprise. With technical know-how and certifications, it can automate enterprise-level work and produce an immense volume of content. It can offer an outside perspective as well as industry knowledge. An outside agency will be able to look at the big picture more clearly and manage the conflicting priorities of internal departments. A good Enterprise SEO agencies is flexible, up-to-date, and is able to quickly react to industry trends and external and internal changes. They also offer advanced analytics, competitor research, and content creation.

  • How to meet the challenges of Enterprise SEO?

    While each Enterprise SEO case is unique, broadly, we can meet the challenges of Enterprise SEO by:

    Hiring the right SEO agency with a proven track record and technical know-how.

    A realistic outlook on budgets and bandwidth of the existing marketing departmentReducing the approvals process and ensuring streamlined decision-making.

    Reducing Silos and integrating the efforts of different departments into Enterprise SEO to ensure a unified message.

    Keeping a healthy balance between technical SEO and content marketing.

    Strengthening relationships between internal and external resources to reduce conflict and politics.

    Having an eye on the big picture as well as granular details.

    Identifying the KPIs that are best suited to your objectives and tracking them closely for success.

    Testing your plan and tactics for scalability and long-term implementation.

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