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Let First Impressions Last Forever!

You need excellent website designing and development services to translate your brand voice to create a beautiful, new website! We deliver cutting-edge websites that connect with your audience and help develop your brand. Our web design services ensures a solid user experience that delivers substantially higher audience engagement and conversion rates.

5 Core Digital Marketing is a leading website design and development company with a focus on creating designs that speak your language in your voice. Our team of advisors, creatives, coders and digital marketers know the importance of first impressions and seamless experiences! As your website design company, we will work with you to create mobile-first websites that engage the audience from the first contact. It is time to seal the deal with your audience right away by hiring the best web design agency.

We have over 7 years of experience in creating customized websites that are easy to navigate on all devices for enhanced user experience. Come to us for our strong technical knowledge, expertise in creating the right user interface, and SEO-focused approach.

Our Services

  • Mobile Website Development
  • E-Commerce Website Designing
  • Website Re-designing
  • Content Management System
  • Speed Optimization
  • Shopify Store Designing
  • PSD to HTML

Traits of a Sales-Driving Website Design

Your website needs to be visible – well-structured, logically organized
websites with meta tags, title tags and other SEO practices will make be
readable by search engines. It is necessary that Google’s crawlers
index your website. Use internal links to establish relationships within
the website and increase time spent. Audit for errors often and fix
Your website needs to be mobile friendly – Since mobile traffic
comprises of more than half of traffic on websites, mobile optimization
is key. Google itself rewards mobile friendly-websites – responsive
websites rank better on search engines. Responsive design allows for
cross-platform compatibility and make online sharing simpler.
Your website needs to be secure – Invest in security and safety,
establish a privacy policy, add contact information, and safety
certifications such as awards or seals. To add social trust, add real
customer testimonials, ratings and reviews, and press articles.
Your website needs to be fast – Ensure that quick page load times are a
high priority – Google recommends web pages load in 3 seconds or less.
Users lose interest with slow websites. Clean websites with minimal
graphics offer maximum impact.
Your website needs an optimal user experience – To improve conversion
rate and drive sales – a website needs to have a well-designed
architecture and navigation based on user research and behaviour. A
well-defined user flow limits bounce rate and encourages users down the

We help you with designing and redesigning your website to ensure that
it is visible, mobile-friendly, secure, fast and offers an optimal user

Why 5 Core Digital Marketing?

Because we understand that great web design harmonizes the right colors,
the right layout and an airtight code to maximize leads and
conversions. With Techmagnate, you can be assured of working with:

Website Portfolio

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Website Design & Development FAQs

  • How Much Do You Charge for Web Design?

    Our website design packages can be tailored to meet the needs of small and large businesses alike. If you’re not sure which package to choose or need a custom quote, pleaseget in touch.

  • Do you provide support services after the website development is complete?

    Yes, we provide free website maintenance for 1 month after the project is complete. This includes Adding, Deleting, and Modifying text only.

  • Do I have to host my website with you?

    No, you do not need to host your website with us. We are open to designing a website from scratch or redesigning an existing website.

  • Are your websites SEO friendly?

    Our websites are technically-sound, responsive, and have a great user experience. They are SEO friendly and will include SEO tools implementation. However, for advanced SEO services such as keyword research, content optimization, and others – please sign up for ourSEO services.

  • Do you offer e-commerce website packages?

    Yes, Techmagnate offers a full suite of Ecommerce solutions. Our developers have extensive experience with the most popular Ecommerce and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. We will build your website on the platform of your choice and offer support for key Ecommerce features such as user registration and management, shopping cart, product search, and payment gateway.

    Check out our Ecommerce portfolio.

  • I want to redesign my existing website design. Can you help?

    Yes, we offer website redesign services to those who wish to give their websites a makeover. We diagnose issues with your current website and take the time to understand your goals and objectives to recommend a website design solution. Checkout ourwebsite redesigning services.

  • What is the difference between a “static” and “dynamic” website?

    Static websites are websites that serve the same content to every visitor from a fixed file coded in HTML. They are less complex, faster and less expensive. Dynamic websites are interactive and capable of serving different content to web visitors, even when they are viewing the same URL. They are written in a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP etc. An example of this is when customers log on to Ecommerce websites and view prices in different currencies based on their IP address. Most static sites use a CMS {Content Management System} that allows internal users to make updates and changes.

    Choosing to build a static or dynamic website depends on the size of the website, the team managing it, frequency of updates, and budget.

  • Can I see some samples of website design?

    Yes, view ourwebsite designing portfolio.

  • How much does a website cost?

    To calculate the cost of your website design, you need to consider many factors. For an accurate estimate, please check for detailed package.

  • How long does it take to design or develop a website?

    Designing a website takes time. There are three steps to the design process: gathering requirements, selecting a website development company, and finally building the website. Each step must be correctly done in time.

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