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Your Ads appear where they capture attention and get clicks. At 5 Core Digital Marketing, we have the expertise to effectively manage this time consuming task and get you real, tangible results.

What we deliver with Google Product Listing Ads

    1. Comprehensive Google shopping campaigns that attract seven out of every ten online shoppers.
    2. who use Google to look for products
    3. High PPC conversion rates with Google Product Listing Ads
    4. Mobile ready PLA ads that appear first in search results and boost visibility separately from the desktop.
    5. Strategies for optimizing product feed and effectively managing the Merchant Centre.
    6. Clear metrics that provide a snapshot of how your Google Shopping campaign is performing and tactics for improvement.
    7. Tips for product photos that sell and how to create them
    8. Landing page optimization to continue toward a sale once your ad is clicked.
    9. Google PLA Ads, also known as Google Shopping Ads, allows ecommerce businesses to
      quickly place products at the top of Google search results pages.

    Product Listing Ads use product data submitted by the seller via Google Merchant Center to determine relevance and where it appears in a Google Search. Setting up PLA Ads is time intensive, and requires substantial effort and management. It is a more effective than Search Advertising, but requires better observation and more attention to detail. 5 Core Digital Marketing excels at providing PPC services that easily promote your ecommerce business and drive sales.

Our Experience & Expertise with Google Product Listing Ads

We have expertise in managing small budgets for start-ups and big spending accounts for large online retailers.

  • Google Merchant Center Setup and Management for large catalogs

  • Product Feed Optimization to map product titles and descriptions to search terms

  • Integrating PLA Ads with Google Search & Display Ads for optimal results

  • Dynamic Remarketing

  • Advanced Ecommerce Analytics

  • Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Amazon Ads Campaign

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